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Email to SMSSend SMS directly from your email client

Joomla WordPress DNN You can use your favorite email client now like Outlook, Webmail, iPhone, Blackberry to send a quick email/message. There is no need to log into our website if you just want to send a quick message. It allows you to control your existing address book to get in touch with contacts over SMS. Its perfect for those who wish to use email as their primary communications channel or to communicate quickly to those without internet access.

Easy to use service

  • No downloads and security concerns
  • Easy to send without programming knowledge
  • Use Email to SMS to Improve Communications with your customers
  • Web SMS allow you to send appointment reminders or delivery or pick-up arrangement reminders
Built in App


Cost Effective

  • Get convenient, cost effective Email to SMS solution for your business
  • Approach the huge audience through best response medium in short time
  • Interact your customers via email to SMS will give you lower total communication cost

Improve Communication

  • Use Email to SMS to Improve Communications with your customers
  • Use any email client, such as Outlook, Webmail, iPhone, Blackberry and Lotus etc
  • Get perfect way to communicate urgent & important information appointments, alerts, delivery info etc.
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Why With IT Company?

Our Email to SMS service is very easy to use. You can send SMS using almost any Email client. We also provide you instruction on how to use our email to SMS service, so you won’t end up with errors. You just need to get register online on our site, and select the package of your choice to send SMS.


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What is an Email to SMS service?

The most beautiful aspect of this service is its simplicity. As you already have MS Outlook or Webmail access on your computer or mobile, this is everything you need. Just buy some credits according to your needs and start sending SMS messages.

Why Do I need it?

An email will have some high chances to remain unobserved. Our Email to SMS targets individuals, even if you are sending your SMS only to certain employees of one company. You will need this facility if you are selling retail products and home appliances, as any SMS message will be read by your customers at a certain time. If you also know your target public, you can increase your sales in a short period.

How does Email to SMS Work?

You can send an email in the format recipient`s mobilenumber @ and the body of the email containing 130 characters of SMS Text message, more than 130 will be ignored. Our server receives the E-mail, extracts the recipient`s mobile number and the message and then send out the SMS Text message to the intended recipients.

To E-mail address: 04xxxxxxxx @

Body of the E-mail: Testing Email to SMS feature provided by IT Company.