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Tips to enhance visibility with proactive SEO stratagies

SEO Strategies for Getting Found Online! Whenever we talk to our clients about Search Engine Optimization, We can say it surely that most of them don’t understand that what we are talking about? So when we ran across info graphic and make them understand through graphic, I guess it would help build best understanding of […]

How Point of Sale Software can streamline food business

Streamline Your Business With Point Of Sale System Everyone wants to indulge in their favourite food from time to time. Some of us like to have our favourite pasta dish, others are constantly asking their friends to come to their favourite pizza store or have a combo delivered to their party. We hardly give a […]

Project post-mortems for successful conclusion

Project post-mortems: how to successfully conclude any project It’s launched… It’s live… It works! What do you think, how we should work on project to complete it successfully? Did you make some time to review the project, and clear your head along with the whiteboard? A post-launch review, or post-launch audit, is hopefully more than […]

How to use Facebook for effective search campaign?

How to use Facebook for effective search campaign? Facebook plays a large role in many businesses’ marketing strategies. Although business pages on the social networking site may have once been just a modest brand extension and a place where companies could connect with customers, it has become a dynamic advertising platform that can produce the […]

How to secure confidential data at work?

How to secure confidential data at Work? To maintain confidential files at secure data bases or clouds is the duty of organisations. However, your employees must be educated, so that security system will become effective. In today’s highly competitive environment, huge data sharing takes place within the organisation and outside the organization with direct and […]