Email to SMS Service

Send Email to SMS to try our service. No matter where you are, you can always enjoy our text message Service. Your SMS will be sent to your recipient within 5 minutes.
Try our premium service to send instant SMS to mobile. Our Email to SMS gateway service will provide you the ability to send SMS to those people who are not currently on the Internet, or do not have internet access. Just send an email to and it will be sent by SMS to the person you are wanting to contact. We no longer provide free Email to SMS Service due to massive miususe of our service.
Contact us if you are interested in our paid service and you will be given the free trial credit.

How does Email to SMS Work?

Just send an email in the following format:  recipient`s mobile
This is limited to 130 characters (anything past 130 characters will be cut off).

Our server receives the E-mail, extracts the recipient`s mobile number and the message and then sends out the SMS Text message to the intended recipient(s).

To E-mail address:
Body of the E-mail: Your 130 characters.
IT Company will append your content with the following message: SMS by


Features of Email to SMS Service

  • No downloads and security concerns
  • Simple and  easy to use service
  • Individual(s) targeting method
  • No programming knowledge required
  • Use any email client, such as Outlook, Webmail, iPhone, Blackberry and Lotus etc.

You will be redirected to QSMS another website of IT Company.

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