OneDrive for Business, Map as Network Drive in Windows

Microsoft Windows users can map OneDrive into windows as Network Drive.

NOTE: OneDrive for Business is not designed to be accessed over a mapped drive. But below method will let you use it as Network Drive if you don't want to use typical sync client or web interface to access files.

1) Open Internet Explorer
2) Go to
3) Check the box that says “Keep me signed in”

Login to SharePoint

4) Log into with your email address and password
5) Choose Onedrive
6) Go to Settings in IE (Gear icon)
7) Select Internet Options
8) Select the Security tab
9) Select Trusted Sites
10) Select the Sites Button

Add website to Trusted Sites

11) The Url for the Onedrive should show in the bar
12) Select Add
13) Select Close and Ok
14) Close IE

Get the URL for the folder you want to map

1) Re-Open IE
2) Navigate to
3) You should be logged in by default since you selected “Keep my signed in” earlier
4) From the Onedrive portal, place your cursor in the browser URL bar and select and copy the address up to the forward slash after your_domain_name_com/
5) You should have copied something like this (but with your ID):


Map the Network drive

1) Open Computer or Windows Explorer (Windows key + E)
2) Click on Computer or This PC on the left
3) Click on Map Drive in the ribbon at the top. Right clicking computer or This PC will also show you the map a network drive option
4) Select a free drive letter
5) In the folder box, paste the URL from you clipboard, adding the word DOCUMENTS to the end. (Example:

Map Network Drive

6) Select Reconnect at sign-in if required.
7) Select Finish

It may take a few minutes for the mapped drive to show up.


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