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IT Company provides reliable DNS Services free to top level domains and Australian Domain Name for both business and personal use. DNS service supports static IP addresses with IPV4 or IPV6 that means you can run confidently your own website, ftp, or email servers via DSL, Cable Modem lines with static IP. To try out Free DNS Service on a real domain, please Free Signup here or login here to Manage DNS

If you are new to DNS and don't know how to create it, no problem, our help section will guide you through the whole setup process. You can also follow below snapshots for Free DNS Management, it is easy to setup DNS at

Please use following DNS Servers with your domain name
If you are still looking for a domain name .com or, provides domain registration for only starts from $19.99/year. We provide $241.00 worth of extra software fee of cost with every domain name.

After login, Expand and Click, Domain name > My Domain Names

How To Create DNS, Step-1

Click on Tools> Off-Site DNS

How To Create DNS, Step-2

Click on >> Add Off-Site DNS
How To Create DNS, Step-3

After adding domain name, click on Domain name and then add records as per your requirements

A Records, CName Records, MX Records, SPF or TXT Records, IPV6 Management

How To Create DNS, Step-4




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