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Using IT in business marketing

Using IT in business marketing Technologies like social media and CRM systems or Customer Relationship Management systems help businesses reach existing as well as new customers. Social media marketing is the process of gaining attention and website traffic through social media sites. These are interactive forms of media that enable users to interact with each other […]

How technology can help your business

How technology can help your business Using technology many aspects of a business can be improved. Powerful tools like the Internet can be used by owners as well as employees to move information from one place to another. Innovative technology has helped improve business operations. Communication has also been made faster and easier because of […]

How to grow sales through internet

How to grow sales through internet There are many websites that rank highly in search engines, however, even though they get a lot of traffic, their online sales are low. There are several reasons for low online sales. Two websites with the same products and same prices can achieve different sales because of trust of […]

Using technology to stay competitive

Using technology to stay competitive Today, businesses depend greatly on technology in order to stay competitive and deliver a better and wider range of services and products to their customers. For that reason, an effective IT system is required, as it plays a vital role in the continuity and success of all businesses. A business […]

POS software and retail business growth

How POS system can ensure growth of retail business? Have you started new business of retail recently? If yes then you may think that spending money on software like POS may proves to be an extra expense as all it will do is, to help you keep record of sales. Well, think again! To know […]