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Why responsive website valued by Google

Why responsive website is valued by Google? You know what happen if you don’t have mobile friendly site Google would lower your site’s SEO ranking That’s right…Google is trying to put mobile users first. We are helping business to make there website mobile friendly in minimum cost with our professional responsive website designing services. Email […]

Online picture profile for your business

Online Photo Profile Made Easy by IT Company IT Company – IT Services and Solution Provider offers yet another way for you to use your domain name with Online Photo Filer, an affordable, easy-to-use method for sharing photos on the World Wide Web. Whether you’re a shutterbug or an Internet amateur, Online Photo Filer is […]

Extended Validation SSL Certificate for website

New Security Certificate implemented on IT Company has introduced a new feature to their online services and solutions. It is designed to give more confidence and trust to the users while using their service. How does it Work? Our site has extended its validation or Extended Validation Secure Socket Layer (for short EVSSL), which […]

Online web store with Quick Shopping Cart

How to build successful web store with Quick Shopping Cart Quick Shopping Cart®, the online store utility, now interacts with QuickBooks® financial software. This technology allows business owners to save valuable time and more effectively manage their Web store by synchronizing critical business data between their store and QuickBooks. Users can also take advantage of […]

Web hosting services to showcase your business online

How web hosting services helps to showcase your business online If you have designed a website for your business, and you want to showcase it in front of the people, and you need space on the server where you can reside your website, in simple words you need home for your website. For this purpose, you […]