cloud computing

Low-cost, Highly Durable storage for Backup & Disaster Recovery

Automatic, secure & affordable cloud backup allows you to stay focused on what’s important to you.

Cloud Storage/ Backup is a new remote technology and enables members to store data, such as files, photographs and other important documents. It doesn’t use any space on your local server because of remote technology and you can even access it from any operating system and from anywhere, at any time. You can even share that data with other users through a joint account.


Multi-Destination Backups

  • Backups are stored in multiple physical destinations for redundancy and protection against natural disaster
  • Backups are accessible from anywhere in the world
multi account backup
cross platform

Cross-Platform Support

  • Flexible file storage that works with every platform and device
  • Access your data on the move, from any place
  • Share with other people or organisations running different software platforms

Continuous Data Protection

  • Data is made redundant upon transferal to the backup system
  • Retrievable anywhere, anytime, and secure from disasters
  • Secure online backups encrypt files during both transfer and storage.
data protection
Customizable Backup

Customizable Backup Sets

  • You have the flexibility to backup your data in whatever configuration or timing suits your business
  • Automatic backup can be initiated on a frequent basis ensuring your data is always secure
  • Automatic backup for peace of mind an no worries about security

User-Initiated Restores

  • Perviously deleted data can be restored remotely to your drive
  • You have the flexibility to initiate a restore yourself without needing to call a specialist
  • No need to call any specialist.
backup & restore


cloud solution

A Cloud Solution for Everyone

Protect and manage your personal, business and enterprise-level data with cloud storage and backup solutions.

It is essential to back up and store your data on the cloud because if you’re backing up your data but not saving it offsite, it is at risk. Saving you data and backing it up offsite, on the cloud provides a safe and risk-free option. You can find affordable, easy-to-use online backup services with IT Company.

IT Company has strived to make their solution the easiest way to backup, store and share your files online. We use only the most reliable, fastest, and most secure data centers to store your data. it runs silently in the background, backing up and uploading your data automatically.


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What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud Storage/backup is a service that allows you to store information on a virtual disk accessible to you or those that you choose to share it with, via the Internet. You can easily access it, scan it and it’s very reliable, much more so than any local disk backup solution.

What can I do with my Cloud Storage service?

You can use Cloud Storage for many things, including but not limited to:

1. backups of your documents, photos and other data

2. as a file repository to share with other users

3. as one infrastructure component of applications that you develop to serve your customers

How can I control my Cloud Storage?

There are two ways you can use or control your Cloud Storage, each with slightly different purposes:

1. Web Control Panel: using IT company’s Control Panel with a browser, connected to your account, you can upload or download files, define access rights, get reports and perform other operations.

2. RESTful API: the Application Programming Interface is accessible for your applications to control your Cloud Storage, the same way you would via the Web Control Panel, which is very useful for auto-scaling of your applications depending on demand.

How do you charge for Cloud Storage?

The usage for Cloud Storage is based on the GB (gigabytes) that your data occupies and the GB per month of traffic generated by your data, from the Cloud Storage node to the Internet (simply put, the data that you or those that you’ve shared files with download from the Cloud Storage buckets). You can check the pricing at the Cloud Storage Pricing page. The calculation of your cost for using Cloud Storage will be done at the end of each month and charged according to the billing preferences you defined on your account.

Where is my data stored?

The data on your Cloud Storage is physically on one of IT Company’s nodes, in one datacentre in Australia. Your data is kept safe and not lost if any individual drive fails because of high redundancy levels of the storage nodes in which it resides and the data replication built into the Cloud Storage service.

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