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POS software and retail business growth

How POS system can ensure growth of retail business? Have you started new business of retail recently? If yes then you may think that spending money on software like POS may proves to be an extra expense as all it will do is, to help you keep record of sales. Well, think again! To know […]

How Point of Sale Software can streamline food business

Streamline Your Business With Point Of Sale System Everyone wants to indulge in their favourite food from time to time. Some of us like to have our favourite pasta dish, others are constantly asking their friends to come to their favourite pizza store or have a combo delivered to their party. We hardly give a […]

IT Company New Brochure

IT Company Releases New Brochure Australia August 4, 2014; IT Company, IT Services & Solution provider, has released its company brochure on Business Automation, SMS Gateway, Apps Development & Point of Sale. IT Company is one of Australia’s premier IT Services & Solution provider company. The company’s main focus to design and develop business automation […]

Cloud based POSCP revolutionized the business processes

Cloud based POSCP revolutionized the business processes Australia – March 26, 2014- IT Company, the leading developer of desktop-based, IT services & solutions, has announced the release of its new very unique Point of Sale (POS) POS includes new and enhanced features that consist easy-to-use buttons in the user interface, new reports for the restaurant […]