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Web SMS is the fastest way to send SMS

Web SMS is the fastest way to send SMS Web SMS is an online messaging platform that allows you to manage and create your SMS communications. It does not matter if they are big or small and if you want to send an SMS to groups or just one person. This service is user friendly, […]

SMS Gateway adds value to your organization

SMS Gateway adds value to your organization If you have developed or use a website or custom software application and you want to be able to send SMS messages, then SMS Gateway is the right solution. It is the bridge between cell phone SMS text messaging and the Internet that connects the sophisticated technology to […]

IT Company New Brochure

IT Company Releases New Brochure Australia August 4, 2014; IT Company, IT Services & Solution provider, has released its company brochure on Business Automation, SMS Gateway, Apps Development & Point of Sale. IT Company is one of Australia’s premier IT Services & Solution provider company. The company’s main focus to design and develop business automation […]

Send text message online with new SMS gateway website of IT Company

IT Company launches new features on SMS Gateway website “ABTXT.COM” Australia April 25, 2014: IT Company have recently launched its new website and introduce a huge collection of new features in an outstanding way. No doubt it SMS is best solution for business to have fast access on communication with customers to get alerted. We […]